Post date: 05-Mar-2015 14:27:46

Dear Parents,

Last chance to return all forms and money for camp tonight! I need to submit final numbers tomorrow.

Here is a sample kit list,

+ Sleeping bag

+ Sleeping mat

+ Uniform

+ Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery

+ Tea towel

+ Warm sweater, jumper or sweatshirt

+ T-shirt or similar

+ Trousers or shorts

+ Spare underclothes

+ Spare socks

+ Wool hat, scarf and gloves

+ Torch and spare batteries

+ Personal first aid kit

+ Personal; washing requirements

+ Towel(s)

+ Nightwear

+ Hike boots or strong shoes

+ Waterproofs

+ Swimwear

It is best to pack a rucksack or other bag that you can carry on your back. Suitcases are not suitable for use in tents.

A small amount of spending money is OK but please do not send loads of sweets and absolutely no fizzy drinks!