County Rally

Post date: 02-Apr-2014 07:03:46

Dear All,

This year’s County Rally will be held on the 9th – 11th May.

For those who have not been before this is a very popular camp held at Waddecar and is attended by over 1000 Scouts from around the county. A variety of activities and competitions are available and also a range of social events in the evening.

Our district will only be allocated a certain number of places and so numbers often have to be restricted, the earlier I know how many places I need, the better the chance of getting them.

If you would like your son to attend the camp would you please fill in and return the form which will be given out at Scouts this week or alternatively is available at the end of this post. Also, given that we are not meeting for the next two weeks, please let me know in advance either by email to or send me a text on 07857 385180. Email would be preferred.


Mark Joyce