Photographer Badge & other news

Post date: 12-May-2018 07:38:28

Last week, we covered all the "theory" that was required to get the Scouts through their photography badge. All that remains is the practical part.

I've asked the Scouts to take 12 photographs covering 2 subject matters (i.e. 6 photos for each) and submit them to me. I have asked the Scouts to be as creative as they can with both the subject matter and the style of the photo (I'd rather not see 6 photos of a dog and 6 of a cat!). I don't mind how the photo is taken or how it is presented, I'm fine with pretty much anything but I would like a bit of effort. Could you please encourage the Scouts not to forget? I'd like the photos by the end of the month. If anybody is struggling then please get in touch.

We have also been invited to take part in a rounders tournament on Sunday 20th. I'm not going to run this as a troop event but if you are interested then take a look at the attached information.